The Diocesan Clergy Synods in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland are summoned by bishops every sixth year. All the clergy of the Diocese of Tampere are invited to the synod which will be held in 27th–28th September 2016. It will take place in the Tampere Hall and Congress Centre.

The word synod derives from Greek words syn odos, a joint journey or a common path. Apart from all priests in the diocese, this invitation will for the first time be extended to the ordained deacons too, making the total number of attendants rise up to 600. In a local congregation, the deacons work side by side with the pastors, each ministering their own way but together. They all are ordained on the basis of a vocation into a permanent ministry in the Church of Christ.

This diocesan synod will gather together under the theme of Reformation Commemoration 2017, Liberated by God’s Grace. On this joint journey – or a pilgrimage – we will all study and explore what the concept of Grace and Mercy means for the society today. We want to strengthen our network with various actors, services and communities in the public and private sector by reaching out to the society.

Bishop of Tampere Diocese Matti Repo


Welcome to the Diocesan Clergy Synod of Tampere Diocese!


Accommodation for the international partners booked at:

Hotel Holiday Inn Tampere – Central Station

Address: Rautatienkatu 21, 33100 Tampere

tel + 358 3 23922100




Tuesday 27.9.2016

9h00              Welcome reception, Tampere Hall and Congress Centre

10h00–14h00 Urban Pilgrimage

The synod starts with an exploration in the middle of urban life of people. Participants will be divided in small groups and guided in a tour visiting nearby small businesses, work places, institutions and religious communities.

As we encounter people we are interested to learn what is going on in their lives, what does mercy and grace mean to them, or in the opposite, where do they experience mercilessness?

All the destinations are pre-arranged and every pilgrim moves in a group led by a designated guide

14h00            Coffee break Tampere Hall

15h00            Working around the findings of the pilgrimage

17h00            Dinner Tampere Hall

19h30            Worship Service at Tampere Cathedral

21h30            Night program:

  • Contemplative evening prayer. Tampere Cathedral
  • Collar Rock Blues Jam, Bar Telakka. Sakari’s House Band with surprise guests
  • Wine & Hymns. Linkosuo Banquet Room. Enjoy a glass of good wine and sing Finnish hymns

Wednesday 28.9.2016

9h00              Morning Prayer, Tampere Hall

10h00            Workshops around various topics:

Contextual theology, Religion in a Public Place, Interfaith dialog, Bible workshops, Diaconical Worship,  Bishop’s Workshop, Family Ministry Methods, Methods for Confirmation School, Empowering Photography, New Hymns, Literature Exercises Method, Cultural encounter,  Mercy in work life, ETC

12h00            Lunch, Tampere Hall

13h00            Closing session

15h00            Closure and sending

18h00            Reception at the Bishops House by Bishop Matti and Rev Päivi Repo